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Practice Samyama mindfulness meditation ~ for emotional wellbeing, stress relief, physical health. Meditate from the comfort of your own space.



I believe we all share a life’s purpose of learning to give and receive more love. I am a 60-something woman who is certain my life still holds more surprises and gifts in the years to come. I enjoy writing and have a passion for...
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Sign Up for Meditation

Beginners & Seasoned Meditators welcome. Individual & group guided Samyama meditation for all ages are available over telephone. Tely’s are held Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. See registration and fee Information on Fees page.
Meditation Resources

Meditation Resources

Is meditation new to you? Do you want to learn more about meditation? Are you unsure if meditation is right for you? We can help! Visit our WHAT, WHY, WHEN, HOW page for articles, tips, and more to assist you.
Welcome - and thank you for visiting the Meditation by Telephone site. On this page you will find basic information to answer questions on the What, Why, When, and How of these calming meditation calls.

~ Dena Clayton



A simple form of mindfulness meditation that can be learned and practiced by telephone.

For a taste of what happens on the calls, click here.



Health benefits! Many scientific studies have been done on the effects of meditation.

A few of the abundant benefits include:

Increased immune function, relaxation, ability to sleep, and sense of wellbeing.

Decreased pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. Lowered blood pressure.

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The Science Behind Meditation.



To view the calendar of 3 telephone classes I host weekly, click here .

And, click here for dates, times, and other basic details.



How to experience a Meditation call:
  1. Go to the Fees page.
  2. Use one of the online payment buttons there, at the bottom of the page.
  3. Immediately after you register, you will receive an email welcoming you and providing contact details (phone number and access code).

There are currently 58 countries from which calls can connect with our Meditation telephone line. The conference call company is always expanding this reach. If you do not see your country on the list, below, it might be in the process of arriving soon - please come back to see.
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