What To Expect

You might be wondering what happens during the meditation calls. This article gives a flavor of the ingredients of the calls.

All calls include guided meditation of the Samyama practice:

The guided meditation format I use is spoken in the first person. This provides an opportunity for participants to follow a gentle how-to example, as if listening in on the self coaching I use in my mind. “What am I experiencing now? I’m willing to . . . ” As well, this approach allows listeners to adopt the use of “I” for themselves, as they follow along.

Near the beginning of the call:

Each call has a stretching-and-yawning invitation, due to findings that each of these actions can initiate the relaxation response in every cell of the body. Participants are welcome to speak or think of joys, concerns, gratitudes, or projects; we refer to this as placing these on the altar of our call.

Other ingredients:

The calls are not identical to one another. Beyond the three items described above, elements that occur on various of our calls are in this list.

  • Centering exercises – – easy, repetitive, small actions to support focusing on your body in the here and now.
  • Practice of awareness exercises connected with the Samyama form of meditation.
  • Description of benefits of meditation and of the relaxation response.
  • Relaxation protocols – – progressive relaxation exercises (i.e., being guided in inviting muscles groups to relax, one area at a time, from toes to head).
  • Asking attendees to notice levels of stress vs. relaxation at beginning and close of the call.

You are welcome to register for 1 session, to find out how the experience feels to you.

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