About Dena Clayton


I believe we all share a life’s purpose of learning to give and receive more love.

I am a 60-something woman who is certain my life still holds more surprises and gifts in the years to come.

I am a daughter and caregiver to my father, sweetheart to my beloved, sister to my sister, friend to my friends.

I enjoy writing, and I have a passion for publishing other folks’ true stories that reveal love in some way. The home of my blog and other stories: Love Revealed Stories.

I am privileged to share meditation and self discovery with fellow travelers on our inner journeys.

In early 2002, my husband died following nine months of cancer. The pathway I walked with him led to training and new work as a cancer guide supporting individuals and couples facing life with cancer. The subsequent years of finding my way without him eventually evolved to working with other widows. You will find supportive posts and stories on these and other topics on the blog, www.LoveRevealedStories.com where the focus is: how to live with more love.

My meditation classes/tele-circles and grief support groups are held via telephone. Various times are offered, in order to welcome people from around the globe.


Please contact Dena Clayton by email awareness@mindspring.com.

Thank you.

Dena Clayton, M.A., BC-DMT

background includes specialty areas of meditation, grief support,

cancer guiding, women’s spirituality,  dance/movement therapy,

body-mind-spirit approaches


publisher, www.LoveRevealedStories.com

Instagram: @dena.clayton.771 

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveRevealedStories 

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